I'm trying to use AUCTeX edit LaTeX files. The beginning of the document I just wanted to edit looks like this:

It's not neatly organized, inconsistent in many ways, and I should probably change it but it's readable. (I didn't pick a nice example, I picked the document I wanted to edit which had parts of it copied in from various other documents which is why it's so inconsistent in the header.)

However, after I selected the entire contents of the document and pressed C-c C-q C-r (LaTeX-fill-region), it looked like this:

The rest of the document looked fine before and still looks fine. The header looked ugly before and now looks utterly ravaged.

Is there a way to correct this behavior?


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If you want a command to stay in a line on its own, add it to LaTeX-paragraph-commands:

(setq LaTeX-paragraph-commands '("documentclass" "usepackage"))

But, honestly, I didn't ever see anyone trying to fill the preamble ;-)

  • It was mainly because I misunderstood what filling means.
    – UTF-8
    Dec 10, 2016 at 12:09

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