After setting dired-auto-revert-buffer to t, even when I'm working on a buffer of file that may produce some results, the message keep printing if there is a dired buffer behind current buffer. This is really annoying. How can I completely disable it? Thanks!

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Customize option auto-revert-verbose to nil. C-h v tells you this:

auto-revert-verbose is a variable defined in autorevert.el.

Its value is t


When nil, Auto-Revert Mode does not generate any messages.

When non-nil, a message is generated whenever a file is reverted.

You can customize this variable.

It's kind of a shame that the doc of auto-revert-mode does not mention this option. Neither the doc string (C-h v) nor the Emacs manual (node Reverting) mentions it.

(I filed Emacs bug #25162, as an enhancement request to mention it.)

  • Thanks, this seems to work. I looked into dired, but find no hints of it. I didn't known this is an auto revert mode issue. Dec 11, 2016 at 3:39
  • You could presumably set this buffer-local in a dired hook if you still want the message when visiting a file.
    – glucas
    Dec 11, 2016 at 13:55

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