How do I specify different actions for different export backends in org-mode?

To be more specific, I would like to export an pdf figure in latex export, while using a png in html export (in fact, a png thumbnail linking to the pdf, if that is of relevance):

#+CAPTION: cation of figure
#+NAME:    myfig
# case export to latex: [[file:./figure.pdf]]
# case export to html:  [[file:./figure.pdf][file:./figure.png]]

I tried macros and this answer, which did not work. There are also answers on similar cases for tikz pdf/svg/png export like this thread, which do not seem to be transferable to my case.

Note: I initially posted this question on stackoverflow. It occured to me later that emacs stackexchange is a more appropriate site for this question. So I deleted it on stackoverflow (there were no answers) to repost it here.

  • In some cases you can use things like #+begin_html or by-backend macro (I think I picked it from Org wiki somewhere), example here: raw.githubusercontent.com/wvxvw/introduction-to-data-structures/… . But I'm unaware of general purpose mechanism for this. – wvxvw Dec 12 '16 at 16:32
  • @wvxvw: The #+begin_html/#+begin_latex blocks would be fine for a single figure or so, but I have plenty in my document. However, searching for by-backend macros on google lead me to the solution, thank you! – lccopper Dec 13 '16 at 12:29

I finally found a way to do this, using a macro provided by fniessen:

#+MACRO: if-latex-else (eval (if (org-export-derived-backend-p org-export-current-backend 'latex) "$1" "$2"))

If more/other export-backends than LaTeX and HTML are used, a condition statement can be used instead:

#+MACRO: if-latex-html-else (eval (cond ((org-export-derived-backend-p org-export-current-backend 'latex) "$1") ((org-export-derived-backend-p org-export-current-backend 'html) "$2") (t "$3") ))

Usage would be something like

{{{if-latex-html-else([[file:./figure.pdf]], [[file:./figure.pdf][file:./figure.png]], /Figure *figure.pdf* is supposed to be here/)}}}

Not as short as a simple switch, but substantially better than providing native LaTeX/HTML/whatever code for every figure that is to be included.

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