I would like to use Org-mode as a local wiki, and I have just discovered how to link Org-mode files (Cf. http://orgmode.org/manual/External-links.html#External-links).

Now I'd like to link a non-existing Org-mode and when running some command on the link of clicking it, opening it that new Org-mode file in a buffer – similar to creating a new wiki page.

How to achieve this? Is there some built-in method in Org-mode?

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Just do it? Create a link, e.g.


Click on it(*) and emacs creates a new buffer. Then, e.g.,

C-x C-s

to save it.

Being emacs, we probably may have some automatic saving solution, but I do not immediately know how.

(*) EDIT: or move the cursor over the link and hit RET (return)

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    This also works for links to headlines not existing yet (will ask if you want to create the headline when following the link). Dec 14, 2016 at 9:36
  • Can this be done without using a mouse? Mar 29 at 19:17
  • @PeterJankuliak yes move the cursor over the link and hit RET (return) Apr 3 at 12:57

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