For this project, I cannot seem to get M-x gdb to work in Emacs 25.1 (on Ubuntu 14.04.5 64-bit if it matters - this should be the case for any Ubuntu-based Linux in general I imagine). Steps to reproduce:

sudo apt-get install subversion cmake libopencv-dev libeigen3-dev libv4l-dev
cd ~/Downloads/
svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/apriltags
cd apriltags
make BUILD_TYPE=Debug
./build/bin/apriltags_demo # run program to see that it works

Now fire up Emacs and go to the file located in examples/apriltags_demo.cpp of the downloaded directory. Running M-x gdb and accepting the default gdb -i=mi main as the gdb command, I cannot place breakpoints anywhere by mouse clicking in the left fringe of the gdb-many-windows view - like I can do for any other simple program that I create and compile with g++ -std=c++11 -g main.cpp -o main.

Can you please try to reproduce my steps/explain how to get this to work? Thank you!

Note: using realgud works flawlessly - but I want to see why it doesn't work with Emacs' built-in GDB functionality.

  • Note: typing M-x gdb and then replacing the default command with gdb -i=mi -s ../build/bin/apriltags_demo -e apriltags_demo -d ../../src -d ../../AprilTags seems to do the trick. But is there a better way? For example, set this command to be the default for the project? – space_voyager Dec 15 '16 at 0:02

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