I'm trying to control paging of a PDF file in doc-view mode. Say we have the following snippet

(let ((origin-frame (window-frame)))
  (with-selected-frame (make-frame-command)
    (let ((pdf-buffer (find-file "./test.pdf")))
      (set-window-buffer (get-buffer-window) pdf-buffer)
      (select-frame-set-input-focus origin-frame)
      (with-current-buffer pdf-buffer
        (doc-view-goto-page 5)))))

we make a new frame the display the pdf buffer then go back to our origin frame and try to scroll the pdf buffer to page 5 in the origin buffer.

eval the snippet, we can see the pdf buffer is actually displaying the content page 5, while the mode line says P1/12 DocView.(Note that the first time you open the pdf it may take some time to convert the pdf and causes the snippet fail) Switch to the pdf buffer and press n which calls doc-view-next-page, we can see the buffer goes to page 2.

That is to say, the buffer is not really went to page 5 just now but its 'content display' did. Using doc-view-goto-page in the pdf buffer will not have this problem as the modeling says P5/12 DocView after evaluation.

How to fix this? Is with-current-buffer not the way to go here? Thanks in advance!

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