In an org-mode agenda, how can I shift the time of an item by minutes or hours?

Shift - Right Arrow shifts by one day, but I want to shift by hours or minutes.

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The command you are calling with your binding is org-agenda-do-date-later. As of my org version, describe-function tells me that there is no docstring for that function:

(org-agenda-do-date-later ARG)

Not documented.

However, it does take an argument.

If you follow the link to the source code for that function, it indicates that, if you pass a prefix argument to that command, it will call org-agenda-date-later-hours. If you pass it two prefixes, it will call org-agenda-date-later-minutes.

Long story short:

  • To delay an item by a day, use shiftright arrow
  • To delay an item by an hour, use C-ushiftright arrow
  • To delay an item by 5 minutes, use C-uC-ushiftright arrow
    • The 5 comes from the variable org-time-stamp-rounding-minutes.
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    Just a tip for Spacemacs users - use SPC u instead of C-u.
    – ngm
    Jul 3, 2017 at 13:32

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