I'm using persp-mode.

(setq-default use-package-always-defer t)

(use-package persp-mode
   persp-auto-resume-time 0.1
   persp-keymap-prefix (kbd "C-c C-w"))
  (persp-mode 1)
   persp-auto-save-fname ".persp"
   persp-auto-save-num-of-backups 0
   persp-autokill-buffer-on-remove nil
   persp-save-dir user-emacs-directory))

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Emacs, create a dotemacs perspective with persp-copy.
  2. Visit dotemacs.org, it is added to the perspective.
  3. Visit then Magit buffer for that file, it is not added to the perspective.
  4. Add that Magit buffer with (persp-add-buffer (current-buffer)).
  5. Save .persp with (persp-save-state-to-file persp-auto-save-fname)). https://bpaste.net/show/3c3ebf87da29

When I restart Emacs:

  • Persp doesn't restore dotemacs perspective, perhaps intended but I haven't found a way in the customization menus.
  • The Magit buffer is saved in the .persp file, but is not open, nor restored.

My questions:

  • How do I mark "active" a perspective to restore to on startup?
  • How do I make Magit buffers automatically added to my perspectives?
  • What are "leaves" in the .persp file?
  • What are "weak" perspectives?

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Due to the lack of support for this package, I'm now using desktop and eyebrowse which I think is a better alternative.

Here is my configuration for the 2: https://github.com/angrybacon/dotemacs/blob/master/dotemacs.org#23-windows.

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