I want to use the function to switch to other window when there are only 2 windows in emacs. I know that the shortcut is C-x o, but I don't know which function that shortcut calls.

How do I determine the mapping between shortcut and function?

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The describe-key command (C-h k) will tell you what command is bound to a given key sequence. To go the other way and find out what keys (if any) are bound to a command, use where-is (C-h w).

You can list all available key bindings using describe-bindings (C-h b).

As of Emacs 25, you can also use view-lossage (C-h l) to see the recent history of every key typed and the corresponding commands that were executed.

You'll notice these commands are all bound to the help map (C-h). You might want to try C-h C-h to see all the available help commands.


Just got it, I could use the function describe-bindings.


If you use helm, you can try helm-descbinds. It's pretty convenient, when you want to define your own bindings instead of using the preconfigured shortcuts.

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