Not just parenthesis, but any surround. We are given the advantage of a pair being made and the cursor conveniently placed within. That's only 1/2 the procedure; what about jumping out?

Previous (which covers only parens): how-do-i-jump-out-of-enclsing-parentheses

Evil mode in Spacemacs. Thanks.

EDIT: okay, 'pair' instead of 'surround' keyword:

A elisp function to jump between matched pair

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smartparens (described in the other answer you refer to) works well with quotes, too, just like inside parens. It's very useful even outside of lisps -- on just about anything that has open and close semantics, including strings and blocks.

For your case, use C-M-u (sp-backward-up-sexp) to jump up and out to the front of the string you're in. And if you want to jump to the right side instead, do the prior and then C-M-f (sp-forward-sexp) to get there.

  • Thanks. Parents and quotes yes. XML tag no. Will want to keybind what you provide - as in IDEs, just hit TAB or similar to finish and move on.
    – vv111y
    Dec 23, 2016 at 18:14

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