I've been learning how to use modules using the cider-mode source code but I've run into a very basic issue.

The contents of my files are

  • main.el
 (require 'main-module)


   (provide 'main)
  • main-module.el
(defun main-module-message ()
  (message-box "this is defined in the module")

(provide 'module)

When I do (load "~/Projects/modules-test/main.el")

It can't sense themain-module.el file kept inside the same directory.

Could you please point to the relevant documentation, I can't seem to find anything useful on require and provide apart from a couple paragraphs.


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What you are looking for is

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/Projects/modules-test")

See docs:

The best thing you can do is C-h v load-path RET and follow links in the *Help* buffer.


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