electric-pair has an electric-pair-skip-whitespace config that accepts 'chomp to delete any whitespace between point and the matched closing delimiter. Does smartparens have something like that? I haven't found anything like that in the sample configs o wiki, but maybe it has a different name.

To clarify the behavior I'm looking for is:

{ abcd |

:=> type '}'

{ abcd }|

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You can do this by providing some post-hooks manually (feel free to contribute useful code :). Another setting is to enable sp-navigate-reindent-after-up which will reformat your sexps when you call sp-up-sexp (which in strict mode will be called when you hit } in your example --- or you can set sp-autoskip-closing-pair to always).

There is no global setting like the one electric-pair has, global settings led to great many problems in smartparens so we are trying to eliminate as much of them as possible.

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