In this issue in git-messenger's issue tracker it was suggested that it should optionally use magit-commit-mode to show commits in a separate buffer. And that issue was closed as resolved.

But it appears that magit-commit-mode does not exists now. Is there a way to use Magit here anyway?

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It's called magit-revision-mode now.

But just turning on the mode as suggested in the documentation of git-messenger won't work. It should be usingmagit-show-commit instead. And no, just adding that to the hook instead won't work; that function has to be called with the commit as first argument.

In other words you have to ask the maintainer of git-messenger to add explicit support for Magit.

Update: git-messenger now supports Magit, see https://github.com/syohex/emacs-git-messenger/issues/25.


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