Does anyone know how to add a column to helm-buffers-list ?

I try to hack it, but just find helm-buffers-list-cache contains buffers names and can't find how to add size or directory (which exists acquiescently)

(defclass helm-source-buffers (helm-source-sync helm-type-buffer)
   :initarg :buffer-list
   :initform #'helm-buffer-list
   :custom function
   "  A function with no arguments to create buffer list.")
    (init :initform 'helm-buffers-list--init)
    (candidates :initform helm-buffers-list-cache) ;;****!!!!!here is candidates
    (multimatch :initform nil)
    (match :initform 'helm-buffers-match-function)
    (persistent-action :initform 'helm-buffers-list-persistent-action)
    (resume :initform (lambda ()
                    0.1 nil (lambda ()
    (keymap :initform helm-buffer-map)
    (migemo :initform 'nomultimatch)
    (volatile :initform t)
    (resume :initform (lambda () (setq helm-buffers-in-project-p nil)))
    (help-message :initform 'helm-buffer-help-message)))

How can I modify helm-buffers-list?

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