Recently I was looking for run emacs as daemon in linux, whats give me the oportunity to use org-carture from everywhere in the sistem for example. My first aproach was start it in the init.el file, but the I discover that I can run emacs --daemon in my sistem init, but there is a problem. when I try to exec: emacsclient -ne "(make-capture-frame)" which open a new frame directly in org-capture I get an error: *ERROR*: Unknown terminal type, but if I irun server from an emacs instance and not an emacsclient, The function works well so I cant find my mistake.

Anyone knows what it's happening?

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I'd recommend just making emacsclient start the daemon on demand, using emacsclient --alternate-editor="". That way you can exit or crash emacs, and the emacsclient-using scripts or aliases will just start it again when needed.

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