I am using bookmark+.el in Emacs 25.1. When I press C-x r m (bound to bookmark-set) and point is on a symbol, it will be used as the default candidate for the new bookmark to be created.

I would like to change this behavior slightly, such the the current line number (as given by line-number-at-pos) is appended to the name. So for example if point is on a symbol my-test-function at line 31 in a buffer my-lisp-functions.el and I press C-x r m the default candidate should be my-test-function:31 (and not just my-test-function as is the current behavior).

After browsing the file bookmark+-1.el, I think I have to customize the variable bmkp-new-bookmark-default-names. I would like to do this from lisp code (i.e. not use the M-x customize gui).

The documentation of the variable bmkp-new-bookmark-default-names says:

The option value is a list of functions that do not require an argument and return a string (or nil). They are invoked, in order, to produce the default names.

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Use something like this as one of the functions:

(defun foo ()
  (let* ((ff    (function-called-at-point))
         (ff    (and ff  (symbolp ff)  (symbol-name ff)))
         (line  (format "%d" (line-number-at-pos))))
    (if ff (concat ff ":" line) line))

(Could just use that as an anonymous function - don't need to name it.)

Example with only one function (that one) -- put this in your init file:

(setq bmkp-new-bookmark-default-names  (list 'foo))

If you do use Customize then just click INS and add foo (if defined) or the equivalent lambda expression; then save.

(See also Autonamed Bookmarks for examples of providing names for autonamed bookmarks, in case that is really what you want.)

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