This is a follow-up to this question about changing labels on priorities. The question refers to setting the org-mode priorities to something like #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 instead of #A #B #C. Now, from the org-mode documentation it appears that org-highest-priority, org-lowest-priority, and org-default-priority must be in alphabetical order. In addition, these priorities are chars, and thus cannot be replaced with a string. I take it this is because org-mode computes display order of priorities in the agenda using direct comparison operators on the priorities. Now, the question becomes, is there an easy way to display the priorities as something like High, Medium, and Low, even if underneath it treats it as #A #B #C?

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Background:  Emacs converts the priority letters or numbers into character numbers for purposes of sorting, etc. -- e.g., (string-to-char "A") is 65.

Option #1:  Use a tag.

* Active [#A] Hello-world. :TOP:@home:
  DEADLINE: <2017-01-10 Tue>

Option #2:  Use a heading priority separator and sort (at least in part) by priorities:

* Active [#A] .;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; TOP ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. :TOP:@home:
DEADLINE: <2017-01-10 Tue>

* Active [#A] Hello-world. :@home:
  DEADLINE: <2017-01-10 Tue>

Option #3:  Use a properties drawer.

Option #4:  Play with overlays and display them in the location desired -- some assembly required.

Option #5:  Do not look for the easy way out and invest the time to modify the behavior of org-mode to support priorities such as those indicated in the question hereinabove. To begin on this quest, have a look at the variable org-get-priority-function and the function org-get-priority.

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    To whomever placed a downvote, or whoever wants to place another downvote, please familiarize yourself with the org-mode source code before downvoting. Start by looking at the variable and function mentioned in option number 5 to begin with. – lawlist Jan 10 '17 at 23:41
  • Surely they misread the labels and intended to renice your comprehensive answer – ebpa Jan 11 '17 at 3:09

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