If I have an org-mode file where I want to embed a TikZ rendering at a certain place, I've found the simplest is just to throw something like this in where you want it, i.e., no code block necessary:

    %\caption{A graph}

Works just fine. But in order to have it work, I've had to change my file headers, i.e., before I had

# this makes MathJax work, but the tex code import not
#+OPTIONS: tex:t


# This makes MathJax not work, but the tex code import work
#+OPTIONS: tex:imagemagick

Is there anyway to get both, i.e., have my math done by MathJax and my tikz file import work too? I could leave it with #+OPTIONS: tex:imagemagick, but then my math formulae are done as little pngs, which line up poorly on the page.

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