I accidentally smashed my hand on the bottom right of my keyboard and got the following prompt in the echo area: (I was in the analyzeDiscussion() function in js-mode when this happened)

 Send analyzeDiscussion to Mozilla? (y or n) 

What command could have caused this? I tried C-h l to get the last keys pressed, but I had already pressed too many keys and it had gone off the top of the buffer.


#'js-eval-defun is bound to C-M-x in js-mode. Its docstring is "Update a Mozilla tab using the JavaScript defun at point."

Inside it, it has a block of code:

(unless (y-or-n-p (format "Send %s to Mozilla? "
                                      (mapconcat #'identity defun-info ".")))
              (message "") ; question message lingers until next command
              (cl-return-from js-eval-defun))
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