When I use default inferior shell I can set something like this:

(setq python-shell-interpreter "python"
    python-shell-interpreter-args "-i /absolute/path/to/manage.py shell_plus")

How set this with python-mode.el?

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Sample configuration:

 py-shell-name          "python" ; \ Default value under Unices
 py-python-command      "python" ; /
 py-python-command-args '("-i" "/absolute/path/to/manage.py" "shell_plus"))


Being the package's maintainer, Andreas Röhler's answer is of course entirely correct and based on the project's README.

I recommend you read section Selecting a Python shell from this file, but perhaps I can elaborate on what I think you are looking for:

  • The customisable variable py-shell-name is the path to the default python executable that gets run when you invoke M-x py-shell (which command is bound to C-c ! by default).
  • python-mode.el defines multiple customisable variables for holding python interpreter arguments:

    • py-python-command-args
    • py-python2-command-args
    • py-python3-command-args
    • py-ipython-command-args

    Which one takes effect depends on the value of py-shell-name and/or any shebang in your source file. The shebang also determines which interpreter gets selected amongst the customisable variables

    • py-python-command
    • py-python2-command
    • py-python3-command
    • py-ipython-command

    Variables py-python-command and py-python-command-args are the fallback when the other flavours of python executable are not detected.

This is my understanding following a cursory glance at the package's source, so I might have misunderstood or missed something.

Either way, I recommend you read the project's README and have a look at the settings in M-x customize-group RET python-mode RET.


Customize default Python shell as `py-shell-name'

py-shell-name' might be an installed default executable as shell commandtype' would display, but also a PATH/TO/EXECUTABLE

If different flavours of Python are installed, customize py-python-command versions

  py-python-command (default)

  • It must looks like this? (setq py-shell-name "python" py-python-command-args "-i /absolute/path/to/manage.py shell_plus")
    – sivakov512
    Commented Jan 16, 2017 at 12:05
  • @CryptoManiac No. BTW with python-mode.el no customization should be needed for basic use. Just call M-x python RET, resp. M-x pythonVERSION RET. In case of questions: answers.launchpad.net/python-mode, menu Answers Commented Jan 16, 2017 at 17:32

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