I replaced the image for tabbar scroll. Original:

enter image description here

Replaced them with the following lines in the init file:

  ;; Load a new tabbar arrow image
  (setq tabbar-scroll-left-button-enabled-image-one '((:type png :file "~/tabbar-scroll-left.png" :ascent center)))
  (setq tabbar-scroll-left-button
        (cons (cons " <" tabbar-scroll-left-button-enabled-image-one)
              (cons " =" nil)))
  (setq tabbar-scroll-right-button-enabled-image-one '((:type png :file "~/tabbar-scroll-right.png" :ascent center)))
  (setq tabbar-scroll-right-button
        (cons (cons " >" tabbar-scroll-right-button-enabled-image-one)
              (cons " =" nil)))

I replaced them with a colored picture, but they are only colored when there are multiple tabs.

With only one tab (both scroll pictures are greyed out):

enter image description here

With two tabs (Right scroll icon is showing as colored, which is desired when they are always colored):

enter image description here

The desired scenario is to have the two scroll image always colored. I investigated tabbar.el but did not have a clue where it defines behavior of graying out a colored picture. Can anybody help?


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The function tabbar-line-buttons chooses between the car and cdr of the three variables for which there is an on/off depending upon different circumstances: tabbar-home-button-value; tabbar-scroll-left-button-value; and tabbar-scroll-right-button-value. For the arrows, the starting tab is compared to the number of tabs.

The function tabbar-line-button sets the above-mentioned three variables. I put the three variables in comments near this function, because I would never think to search for "tabbar-%s-button-value".

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