I like reading my documentation using emacs. The nature of documentation is that you often want to read documentation immediately after installing it.

Whilst running emacs I installed the documentation for gnuplot (sudo apt-get install gnuplot-doc), and the command info gnuplot shows me documentation. However, helm-info doesn't list gnuplot.

Now obviously I could restart emacs... but I don't like restarting emacs for obvious reasons. I've tried running (setq helm-info--pages-cache nil) and killing then *helm Info* buffer.

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The index of Info files is stored in helm-default-info-index-list, a customizable variable.

Re-evaluating helm-default-info-index-list will make newly installed Info files available.

This does seem like an inconvenience. I'll see about fixing it in a PR.

Update: the PR has been merged.

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