I am connecting to my office GNU/Linux box from a windows laptop through a putty ssh tunnel.

I have also on the laptop the java WeirdX X11 server, that is declared in putty to use the localhost:2 (default) display, while the "enable X11 forwarding" is enabled.

Once connected on my Linux, the X11 export seems correctly configured by putty with DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 as I can start xlogo, xeyes or even Firefox.

But when invoking emacsclient -c I get the following error:

Waiting for Emacs...
*ERROR*: Display localhost:10.0 can't be opened

For what I understand, emacsclient finds the running Emacs (confirmed if I use emacsclient -nw: I can get my running emacs session) but Emacs cannot use my distant display.

And when I join my session with emacsclient -nw then M-x make-frame-on-display RET localhost:10.0 I get the same

Display localhost:10.0 can't be opened

Do you have some tip that can help?


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