Suppose I already opened a emacs but its in the background. So, is there an emacsclient eval option that I can type in the shell like:

emacsclient --eval "(bring-existing-emacs-window-to-front)"

To bring the background emacs window to the front?

This can be pretty handy, since I'm always using emacsclient -c --eval "(find-file \"afile\")". Which unfortunately opens the frame in the background instead of front.

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You can use select-frame-set-input-focus to give focus to a given frame:

emacsclient --eval '(progn
                      (find-file "file.txt")
                      (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)))'

But, if you only want to open a file, don't use --eval:

emacsclient -c file.txt

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