When an Emacs session is created and closed before either Hibernate or Sleep options are used in Windows-7, Emacs exits normally.

But whenever either Hibernate or Sleep options are used with an Emacs session is open and after coming back from hibernate or sleep, there is no clean exit the Emacs window does not close. I see the following message when I close Emacs using C-x C-c


I have enabled ido mode. I'm wondering if that could be a cause for this strange behavior.

If I click on the close button or press C-x C-c there is not effect. Finally, I'm forced to kill Emacs from Windows Task Manager using End Task.

Is there way to fix this?

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    Could you please clarify what about this message is not a clean exit? – Dan Jan 31 '17 at 14:44
  • @Dan, I have updated the question with right wording. The message I see when I press C-x C-c is what I have posted as screenshot and not that Emacs application does not close after the C-x C-c command or by pressing the X button. – Prasanna Feb 1 '17 at 5:06

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