I had the following tags for a given file.

#+TAGS: @Completed(c) @Doubts(d) @Discuss(D) @Not_Implemented(n) @KR28(R28) @KR29(R29)

I added the last two tags today and they did not get populated when I pressed C-c C-q

What am I missing?

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I read through the org documentation and found that the user had to keep cursor on the #+TAGS: line and press C-c C-c in order to update the local setup.

Quote from the org manual

Don't forget to press C-c C-c with the cursor in one of these lines to activate any changes.

After pressing C-c C-c - org mode will give a message like

Local setup has been refreshed

Tag shortcut
The other thing that the user should keep in mind is that, one is not allowed to use more than one characters within the parenthesis.

For example: @KR28(R28) would not work as R28 is present within the parenthesis. This should be either one letter or one number.

Also, if the user does not define a shortcut for a particular tag, org by itself will assign a shortcut for that tag. (Citations required - if available)

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