Q: how do I hide all org-mode blocks under the current header?

I want to fold all source code blocks under the current heading only. I know that I can use org-hide-block-all to fold all blocks in the buffer, and org-hide-block-toggle to toggle the current block (i.e., the one at point). But how about all blocks under the current heading?

For example:

* header 1
   #+name: block-1
   #+begin_src R
     x <- 1:10
   #+name: block-2
   #+begin_src R
     y <- 1:10
   #+name: block-3
   #+begin_src R
     z <- x + y
* header 2
   #+name: dont-fold-me-1
   #+begin_src R
     a <- "puppies"
   #+name: dont-fold-me-2
   #+begin_src R
     b <- "kitties"

I'd like to be able to fold all blocks under header 1 but leave the rests of the blocks (under header 2) alone. How would I do that?


How about using buffer narrowing?

(defun my/org-hide-block-subtree ()
  "Hide blocks only below current heading."

It's situations like this that I wish org-map-entries could map over more than just headings...

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    Thanks! I made a minor edit to use the save-restriction idiom. Feel free to roll it back if you prefer. – Dan Feb 7 '17 at 15:03
  • Great suggestion! save-restriction was new to me :-) – ebpa Feb 7 '17 at 15:58

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