I am using OrgMode to schedule appointments and tasks. For a simple scheduled event like a phone call, I usually add a simple timestamp by CTRL+.. Then the cursor is moved to the minibuffer and a calendar pops up in which I can easily move with Shift and the cursor keys. Also, since I add the line

%%(org-diary :timestamp :sexp)

in my diary file, the dates where I do have appointments are highlighted.

However, I found no way to open a buffer that shows me the scheduled appointments for that day when using the scheduling features of OrgMode (moving through the calendar by using the Shift key etc.). The usual command in the calendar which is invoked by pressing d does not work, because the cursor is in the minibuffer. How can I get this view, when using the OrgMode scheduling features? enter image description here


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The solution was actually really easy: Just press ! and you are done. But it was just by accident that I found the solution... Now I can really use emacs-orgmode to schedule my meetings and get a cool overview over the appointments on the dates!

  • You might want to mention what ! is bound to and what it does (e.g. C-h k !).
    – Drew
    Commented Jul 27, 2017 at 13:22

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