when I write code (Javascript, specifically) in a web-mode buffer which chains methods across newlines:


web-mode seems to want to align it like this:

      .bar()// hitting enter here will dot-align my code

how can I get it to ignore alignment in this case and instead perform javascript-mode style indentation like this:

    .bar()// adding the closing paren here will indent code by four spaces

? web-mode-code-indent-offset is set to 4, which works in all other cases like functions and other blocks, but not here, and nothing else in M-x customize-group web-mode seemed immediately applicable.

I'm using Emacs 26.0 and web-mode 20170131.


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ah, turns out it's the web-mode-indentation-params list:

(add-to-list '(web-mode-indentation-params) '("lineup-calls" . nil))

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