How can I get sensible stack-like behavior from a bottom side-window? I've configured both Ag and Help to display their buffers using display-buffer-in-side-window. I like to maintain a window configuration like

+-----------+    +-----------+
|           |    |           |
|           |    |     A     | <- main workspace
|     A     | OR |           |
|           |    +-----------+
|           |    |     B     | <- search/compilation/help
+-----------+    +-----------+

where A is my main work area, and B is acts as a drawer for things like search results, compilation errors, and Help buffers. In most cases, I'd like hitting q in B to bury the buffer and delete the window. If B was displaying something else prior, I'd like q to bury the current buffer and reveal the previous buffer. Once I've q'd out of all the buffers that were displayed in B since it popped up, I'd like the window to be deleted. The buffer in A should not be part of this buffer stack.

For instance, say I start with my_code.rb in A. I run a search and Ag pops up B to display the results. Hitting q buries the Ag buffer and deletes B, leaving me with a clean view.

But say instead of q'ing out of the search results, I ran a help command like describe-variable. A *Help* buffer supplants the search results in B. Hitting q buries *Help* and the search results are visible again. I hit q again, expecting it to bury the search results and delete B, but instead it displays my_code.rb in B, leaving me with an unwanted split view.

It sounds like the quit-restore window-parameter controls this, but I'm not sure how to manage it. I inspected its value using at various points during the above flow, and found the following:

search results displayed in B:

#<window A on my_code.rb>
#<buffer *ag search text:my-search-term dir:~/my/path/*>)

help buffer displayed in B:

(#<buffer *ag search text:my-search-term dir:~/my/path/*> 225
 #<marker (moves after insertion) at 225 in *ag search text:my-search-term dir:~/my/path/*> 12)
#<window 72 on *ag search text:my-search-term dir:~/my/path/*>
#<buffer *Help*>)

search results again displayed in B after quitting the Help buffer:


So it seems that quitting the Help buffer is causing the quit-restore window parameter to be discarded wholesale?

For reference, this is my display-buffer-alist configuration:

 `((,(rx bos
         (or (and "*ag " (1+ not-newline) "*")
     (side . bottom))))
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    Basically, you want to save the window configuration, then do your thing (whatever that may be) and restore your window configuration with something like the letter q, which behaves differently than quit-restore. Here is a link to a semi-related thread where I and the original poster (in that thread) wrote up a couple of ways to restore the window configuration after using a *Help* buffer: emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/24031/… It should put you on the right track, but may entail some time to customize. – lawlist Feb 8 '17 at 8:49

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