I'm using Aquamacs 2.x in MacOS X 10.6. (I'm using the Command key as M and the Ctrl key as C.)

WHen I try to use keybindings containing "@", it does not work, e. g. C-c @ C-t in outline-minor-mode.

I can type the @ sign in Aquamacs buffers with Alt-L.

But when I try to hit Ctrl-C, Alt-L, I get the message "^C ⌘L is undefined" even before I can add Ctrl-t

EDIT: it seems that I can use the Alt key and the Command key as well as META-Key, which is not necessary. I only want to use the Command key as META (to be "compatible" with WIndows and UNIX computers).

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In Aquamacs, I had the Option ...Meta & German activated, which seemed to be the problem.

Now with another setting, I can enter also commands which contain the @ sign.

We'll see, if there are some side effects...

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