I've never really used vc but it looks like it only supports add or commit actions.

I reckon magit must have some of the machinery to achieve this, but browsing its codebase didn't reveal anything obvious.

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I guess you don't want to:

  • first: call magit-status
  • second: press s to stage the file you want

So, let me suggest this function, courtesy of Nicholas Bishop:

(defun git-add-current-buffer ()
  "call 'git add [current-buffer]'"      
  (let* ((buffile (buffer-file-name))
         (output (shell-command-to-string
                  (concat "git add " (buffer-file-name)))))
    (message (if (not (string= output ""))
               (concat "Added " buffile)))))

The next thing is probably set a custom shortcut for that function.

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