I want to execute the source shell command from the eshell environment in Emacs. But the source is also a lisp function, so the two command confilicts, and eshell always execute the source function, instead of the source shell command.

How to prevent this?

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Just found this blog. Quote:

All commands evaluated by Eshell have an evaluation order, which is an ordered list your command must pass through to determine what part of Eshell handles it. If there is nothing on the list that wants to evaluate your command, you will be told your command is invalid.

So the problem is that the lisp source function comes before the source command. To fix this, we need to tell eshell explicitly that we want to execute a shell command. And the answer is in this variable:

eshell-explicit-command-char (default is *)

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    – Dan
    Mar 4, 2017 at 13:16

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