I'm writing a lispy documentation engine with elisp and to make things easier, I'm trying to modify the following behavior

(prin1-to-string '(cons 'a 'b))
;; => "(cons (quote a) (quote b))"

to be

(prin1-to-string '(cons 'a 'b))
;; => "(cons 'a 'b)"

Is it possible to instruct prin1-to-string to reinstate reader macros like this? Reading through the C sources, I don't think it's possible since by the time the object has been read, we've already used the reader-macro to turn 'a into (quote a) and that ' is lost forever. Is my only hope regex-replace?


Just bind print-quoted to a non-nil value around the call to prin1(-to-string).

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    Wow, thanks! Looks like this behavior is defined in print.c:print_object's Lisp_Cons case. That function is getting too big :) Mar 6 '17 at 3:34

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