I have installed again pabbrev and whenever I activate the mode

I constantly get theses 2 errors.

Error running timer ‘pabbrev-idle-timer-function’: (invalid-function pabbrev-debug-message)
Error running timer ‘pabbrev-short-idle-timer’: (invalid-function pabbrev-debug-message)

I know that pabbrev-debug-message is a macro but I cannot debug further than this.

Any help please?

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The error means that the file was mis-compiled. More specifically, for some reason, when the file was byte-compiled, Emacs had no knowledge about the pabbrev-debug-message macro and hence assumed it must be a function.

How did you install pabbrev? The 4.2.1 version on GNU ELPA doesn't seem to suffer from such a problem on my end. I suggest you file a bug-report to the place from which you downloaded it.

  • Indeed you are right. The one fromgnu ELPA works fine. I downloaded the one from melpa unstable. Many thanks
    – DJJ
    Commented Mar 11, 2017 at 20:23

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