Any easy way to get forward/backword word movement with "word" defined as everything non-whitespace, similar to vim's W and E?

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    You may also consider evil. – xuhdev Mar 13 '17 at 5:32

I don't know exactly what vim does, but something like this?

- and ^- represents whitespace syntax and non-whitespace syntax respectively.

(defun my-forward-word ()
  "Forward to the end of the 'word at point' (vim-like)."
  (skip-syntax-forward "-")
  (skip-syntax-forward "^-"))

(defun my-backward-word ()
  "Backward to the start of the 'word at point' (vim-like)."
  (skip-syntax-backward "-")
  (skip-syntax-backward "^-"))

I found (foward-whitespace) I think it's close enough.

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