It seems to me that org-capture requires templates to start with a heading (*). Can I not have a template like:

("d" "Daily Tasks" entry (file+datetree+prompt "daily.org")
     "- [ ] %?")

that does not start with a *.

  • Here is a link to a related thread, which contains an answer using checkitem instead of entry: "in org-mode, how to create checkbox items in org-capture?": stackoverflow.com/questions/23351474/…
    – lawlist
    Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 19:24

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You have to change the third element the template ("entry type"). From the help:

type         The type of entry.  Valid types are:
               entry       an Org node, with a headline.  Will be filed
                           as the child of the target entry or as a
                           top-level entry.
               item        a plain list item, will be placed in the
                           first plain list at the target
               checkitem   a checkbox item.  This differs from the
                           plain list item only is so far as it uses a
                           different default template.
               table-line  a new line in the first table at target location.
               plain       text to be inserted as it is.

For a checkbox you want checkitem instead of entry.

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