I started using Spacemacs with GUI Emacs on Windows and all was fine apart from using Tramp with plink so I decided to use Cygwin with emacs-32 (and Spacemacs) because there is proper ssh there.
Now everything is a bit quicker and Tramp works really solidly.

But now (in emacs-w32) there are DOS line endings in the game (meaning ^M) and that breaks some stuff. One example would be that a version check of ipython throws an error because the string containing the version also contains the line ending.

I thought that Emacs makes these line endings transparent (I still don't see them in GUI Emacs on Windows. So what's happening here? Is it because Cygwin is a weird combination of DOS and UNIX and is inconsistent in using just one type of line ending?

  • yeah I run into the same problem: Error (use-package): python :init: Invalid version syntax: ‘5.1.0^M’ - I wonder if this is specific to the python layer?
    – Simon
    Commented Apr 19, 2017 at 9:59

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Just encountered this myself today when switching to cygwin.

The reason it didn't work for me was that the python layer in spacemacs only strips \n when looking up the ipython version on init.

The binaries supplied from python.org uses windows line endings to work well with the windows cmd line. This breaks the version check in the setup of the python layer.

Uninstalling the python.org version and using the python packages supplied with cygwin solves the problem in my case.

Will submit a ticket to spacemacs about it, but thought this might help anyone encountering the same issue.

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