When I press C-cC-xC-r to print the clock report I get something like the following:

Clock summary at [2014-11-05 Wed 13:33]

| Headline     | Time   |
| *Total time* | *0:01* |
| test         | 0:01   |

The problem is that I have many entries at the same level. Like:

     * test
     CLOCK: [2014-11-05 Wed 13:13]--[2014-11-05 Wed 13:13] =>  0:00
     CLOCK: [2014-11-05 Wed 13:08]--[2014-11-05 Wed 13:09] =>  0:01
     CLOCK: [2014-11-05 Wed 13:08]--[2014-11-05 Wed 13:08] =>  0:00

Org-mode only recognizes details in sub-trees like:

* Haha
  #+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 2 :scope subtree :timestamp t
  Clock summary at [2014-11-05 Wed 13:44]

  | Timestamp            | Headline     | Time   |      |
  |                      | *Total time* | *0:03* |      |
  |                      | Haha         | 0:03   |      |
  | 2014-11-05 Wed 13:40 | \__ test     |        | 0:03 |

Is there a way to print all the details within the same level, that is, all the clock entries and the length of each period?

  • I'm afraid not - AFAIU the point of clock tables is aggregating these data. What is your use case? Why do you want this? Maybe you are looking for a specialized, custom exporter?
    – mbork
    Commented Nov 5, 2014 at 21:04
  • Nothing big. Sometimes I have two time periods inside one headline, and I want to print the clocktable of that headline (inside the headline itself) showing both periods. Instead, org only shows the total.
    – Husain
    Commented Nov 5, 2014 at 21:23

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No, unfortunatley there is no way to do so directly. The idea of clock table is to aggregate data.

But fear not, you have two ways to solve the dillema: (That I can think of? there may be others).

1) Use step by day:

Insert the following into your report line:

:step day   

e.g: [edit, below not tested, see comment for working example]

 #+BEGIN: clocktable :step day  :maxlevel 2 :scope subtree :timestamp t

Then time reports will be split by day. By week is also an option, (The default shows total, the weekly shows by/week data.

2) If you want it more granular than by day, then one option eaybe column view with sub-tasks might be the cup of tea that you've been longing for.


* Make Pizza
** Buy groceries
** Speak with the italian neighbour 
** prepare base 
** put things on top
** bake 

Then set an estimate on each sub-heading, clock in/out what you worked on. Then hover over * Make Pizzaa and press C-c-x-c and you will see a column with info on individual tasks.

It will look something like so: http://www.devalot.com/assets/articles/2008/07/project-planning/columns.jpg

What ever you do, never forget: Just stay calm and org-on.

  • 1
    The first solution doesn't work - you need to specify :block or equivalent. #+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 2 :scope subtree :step day :block thisyear :stepskip0 is more useful, producing a report a day, but only for those days where there is non-zero time. Commented Jun 4, 2015 at 10:25

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