According to the doc, since ESS 12.09

ESS: ess-eval-*-and-step functions go to next empty line at eob, instead of staying at the last line.

However, when I hit C-RET at the end, it still says on the last line.

C-h c C-RET confirms that C-RET is being bound to ess-eval-region-or-line-and-step.

My ESS version is 16.10

  • I'm interested in this too. Did you find a solution?
    – mark999
    Apr 22, 2017 at 21:26
  • I found the behavior to be inconsistent -- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, somehow conditional on the kind of code I sent to the inferior buffer. I temporarily have "(setq next-line-add-newlines t)` so that I can C-n to add new line when necessary. I went back to RStudio too :)
    – Heisenberg
    Apr 22, 2017 at 22:46

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Disabling CUA Mode worked for me as C-RET is bound to cua-rectangle-mark....

I dont like remapping basic stuff, but here is a potential workaround: rebind C-RET in cua-mode to a different key?

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