I am running emacs 25.1.

I have emacs server starting as a daemon on startup and I can open an emacs terminal session with the following alias:

alias em="emacsclient -t"

How can I start the emacs gui in a similar fashion?


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If "start emacs gui in a similar fashion" is hoping to create a gui frame backed by the same daemon, then

alias ec="emacsclient --create-frame"

will instantiate another emacs frame backed by the same daemon. --create-frame can also be abbreviated with -c. -t or -nw or --tty are requesting the default for emacsclient which is to open another frame in a tty instead of a gui frame.

See the gnu emacsclient commandline options for more details.


For me on ubuntu 16.04, after started emacs server edit your /usr/share/applications/emacs24.desktop like this

TryExec=/usr/bin/emacsclient -c                                                                                                                                          
Exec=/usr/bin/emacsclient -c %F

My solution:

alias ecw="emacsclient --c"

and use ecw to start emacs in GUI.


For fish shell, this works for me:

function ec
    emacsclient --create-frame $argv &

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