I'm using this in my .emacs file to make double-clicking the left mouse button run a command:

(global-set-key [(double-mouse-1)] 'some-command)

This only works in GUI mode; it doesn't work when running Emacs in the terminal. Is there some way for me to fix this? Or to detect double click events using some other mechanism? I have tried in a few different terminals without success. Tried Emacs 24.5.1 and 23.1.1.

Note that xterm-mouse-mode is enabled and other mouse functionality (like single-clicking or drag and drop to highlight text) works fine.

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Check the documentation for xterm-mouse-mode (C-h f xterm-mouse-mode RET); you'll see that it doesn't support double clicks, or for that matter modifier keys.

On the other hand, I do see code in that same file that looks at consecutive mouse events and counts them to try to find double clicks, so I don't immediately see why they wouldn't be supported.


I reworked some of that xtrm-mouse-mode handling sometimes around May-June 2014. Not sure if it reached Emacs-24.5, but at least double clicks seem to work for me here in Emacs-25.

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