I have a basic ordered list in org mode. After exporting to HTML it takes the default class that org mode assigned:

<ol class="org-ol">

For some lists, however, I'm trying to assign a custom class (like "special_list", for example).

<ol class="special_list">

The org mode documentation says you could add an attribute in this fashion:

#+ATTR_HTML: :class special_list 1. First point 2. Second point

But that doesn't seem to work in this case. Do I have the syntax wrong, or is there a different method for applying custom classes?

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The :class attribute does not seem to apply to lists.

However, you can wrap your list in a custom div this way:

1. One
2. Two

This will produce the following HTML:

<div class="pepe">
 <ol class="org-ol">

So you can use a CSS selector for that list such as div.pepe ol.

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