I just realised (after playing with different colour themes) that bmkp-desktop-jump from Bookmarks+ changes the colour theme to the one selected before - this is nice, but can cause unwanted effects.

Hence, these questions:

  1. Where is the colour theme stored? I could not find it in the bookmarks file, and it's also not in the .emacs.desktop file.

  2. How can I disable this?

  3. Can I disable this for certain bookmarks?

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Bookmark+ does nothing with color themes. And as far as I know, neither does desktop.el do anything with them.

  • See whether changing the value of option bmkp-desktop-jump-save-before-flag makes any difference (I don't think it will).

  • However, starting with Emacs 24.4, desktop.el can save also frame and window configurations (e.g. frame parameters, which includes face default). If you are using Emacs 24.4 or later then check which desktop file you are using. You can use any number of desktop files with Bookmark+.

  • Check the particular bookmark(s) that lead to this behavior. You can use M-x debug-on-entry bmkp-jump-1 to step through the debugger using d (and c to skip through obvious steps). (Be sure to load the source files before using the debugger - it is not so useful if only byte-compiled files are loaded.)

If after investigating you think the behavior really is due to Bookmark+ then you can follow up with me by email (see the file header).

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