When I install ox-gfm package, I got below warning:

Leaving directory ‘/Users/root/.emacs.d/elpa/ox-gfm-20170304.1504’

Compiling file /Users/root/.emacs.d/elpa/ox-gfm-20170304.1504/ox-gfm.el at Mon Apr  3 22:11:54 2017
Entering directory ‘/Users/root/.emacs.d/elpa/ox-gfm-20170304.1504/’

Compiling no file at Mon Apr  3 22:11:55 2017
Warning (bytecomp): reference to free variable ‘info’
Warning (bytecomp): org-export-collect-footnote-definitions called with 1
argument, but requires 2
Warning (bytecomp): org-html--anchor called with 4 arguments, but accepts only
Warning (bytecomp): the function ‘org-export-get-reference’ is not known to be

But sounds like org-export-get-reference will be used in publish code, so when I try to publish org file to md file (refer to this link), it will report a error:

org-gfm-format-toc: Symbol’s function definition is void: org-export-get-reference

So I guess we should not ignore the warning! Not sure if any other depend package missed!

My emacs version on MacOSX 10.12:

GNU Emacs 25.2.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin16.0.0, NS appkit-1504.00 Version 10.12 (Build 16A323)) of 2017-04-03

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Seems like you should upgrade to a newer version of Orgmode.

Call org-version and see what you get. If it's something like 8.2, you should upgrade to 8.3 or higher. See the Orgmode package repo.

  • Yeah, my org version is 8.2, how can I upgrade it to just 8.3? The instruction always upgrade to latest one (9.0.5) but I don't want to use 9.0.5 because it will cause another issue! (params variable is void).
    – lucky1928
    Apr 4, 2017 at 21:02
  • There's no automatic way to do this AFAIK. See discussion here. You can try using el-get, which I haven't used myself. Apr 4, 2017 at 21:54

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