Anybody know why this may be occurring?

Here is an outline of how I recreate the issue...

  • I copy or kill something to my kill ring.
  • I scroll up or down with the mouse.
  • I then yank and get an unexpected chunk of code
  • Pressing M-y steps back one position in the kill ring and I get what I wanted to yank.

Here is my config file. Something in there must be doing it I'm guessing.


You didn't post your config file. But instead of posting it, do this: Start from emacs -Q, that is, with no init file. If you do not see the problematic behavior, then do this:

Recursively bisect your init file (by commenting-out blocks of code), until you narrow the problem down to find just what is causing it. You can use comment-region to comment out code: first 1/2, then 3/4, then 7/8 of the code, etc. Use C-u with comment-region to uncomment.

Another thing you can try, but don't bother until you have narrowed things down (and at that point you probably will not need to try this) is to use M-x debug-on-entry kill-new, to see what code is pushing the unexpected entries to your kill-ring. Just look at the backtrace to see what is happening, or step through the debugger using d, if you want. Use q to exit the debugger. Use M-x cancel-debug-on-entry to cancel using the debugger.

  • Thank you Drew. Helpful outline for debugging. I will report back with findings. – Alistair Chisholm Nov 8 '14 at 8:35

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