Compiled emacs25.1 from source on MacOS. Emacs works fine when opened by click the icon.

But when open it from terminal by emacs or emacsclient -a. All the key stokes is responded in terminal instead of the Emacs frame.

Does anyone known solutions for this issue?

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Assuming that you've configured with --with-ns (because you said it works if you open Emacs by clicking on the app icon), then you can start Emacs from the console in a couple of different ways. If you just want to start Emacs as an app then you can use the open command, so something like open nextstep/Emacs.app. The open command has a variety of arguments which can change its behaviour. For example, it will attempt to use an already running instance of the application if possible (you can override this with the -n argument), and by default won't wait until the application has exited (you can override this with the -w argument). If you want to open some files as well then you'd need to use the --args argument to open to tell it that the remaining arguments should go to Emacs - for example: open Emacs.app --args foo.txt.

If you want to see standard output and error from the Emacs executable itself you can also run the binary directly (or in a debugger) from the terminal without using open, with something like ./Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs foo.txt.

  • It's probably worth pointing out that running 'emacs' on macOS will probably run the version shipped with the OS which is terminal only.
    – Alan Third
    Apr 10, 2017 at 21:29

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