I'd like to define my own interpretor for special blocks for a custom backend.

I've written this sort of thing, mostly copy/pasting from the src-block interpreter

(defun org-leanpub-special-block (special-block contents info)
   "^" "A> "
    (org-element-property :value special-block))))

I've also registered it as a translator and it's being called.

The goal is that this

I'm a fish

will be rendered as

A> *wibble*
A> wibble
A> I'm a fish

(note that the text is processed by the usual processor, which is derived from markdown).

But the debugger is kicking in with

(replace-regexp-in-string "^" "A> " (org-remove-indentation (org-element-property :value special-block)))

which would imply that my call to org-element-property is not doing what I thought. So how do I get the rendered version of the special-block body?

(I plan on switching on the TYPE of special block, but one step at a time...)

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    ooh, I found org-html-special-block and reading for inspiration – fommil Apr 20 '17 at 20:27

oh, I'm an idiot

(defun org-leanpub-special-block (special-block contents info)
   "^" "A> " contents))

and now I can consider switching on the type of block, falling back to org-html-special-block.

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