I recently decided rewrite my emacs configuration. I want to load my custom org configuration only in the case when I am opening a *.org file. Considering a minimalistic configuration of init.el

(use-package orgmode-setup
  :load-path "custom/"
  :mode "\\.org\\'"

that loads a orgmode-setup.el in .emacs.d/custom that looks like this

(provide 'orgmode-setup)

however I get the error

File mode specification error: (error Autoloading failed to define function orgmode-setup)

However, before I am doing the same thing with Ido

(use-package ido-setup
  :load-path "custom/"

with ido-setup.el saved in the .emacs.d/custom folder.

I am not proficient with emacs, could you please help me to debug this?

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