I'd like to schedule events in a conference with the respective room numbers.

Basically, instead of:

SCHEDULED: <2017-04-24 Mon 13:45>

I'd have

SCHEDULED: <2017-04-24 Mon 13:45 Room ABC> 

What is the best way to do that, i.e., include locations? Should I use a custom property?

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    Scheduling, deadlines, and timestamps are for time information, not location. Either put something in the property drawer, or use a tag. – Dan Apr 24 '17 at 1:19

You can use the LOCATION property, which is one of the default properties. Set the property with C-c C-x p location.

You might also want to see the location in the agenda. There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest is column view. Set org-column-default-format (or the COLUMNS property to contain LOCATION. For example add:


to the top of your org file. Activate column view using C-c C-x C-c in the agenda view or your org file.

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